Gas Safety Tips

We rely on our gas appliances to help us stay cosy during winter, but gas safety is equally important during the warmer months. Poor boiler maintenance and irregular servicing can increase the chances of gas leaks, fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

So take a look at the information and useful tips in the following article and make sure you stay gas safe all year round.

Top Tips for staying Gas Safe

By taking care of your gas appliances, you’ll be protecting your home and family. Here are our top tips for staying gas safe this summer.

Get a boiler service

  • Make sure your boiler’s serviced regularly, as poorly maintained gas appliances can result in health problems.
    Always use an approved engineer
    Ensure that only approved engineers carry out maintenance work on your gas appliances. By law, all gas engineers must be listed on the Gas Safe Register.

Install a carbon monoxide alarm

You cannot see, smell or taste carbon monoxide but nevertheless, it’s a highly poisonous gas which is produced when a gas appliance has been poorly fitted and maintained. To stay safe, install a carbon monoxide alarm near to your gas appliances.

If you suspect that there’s a gas leak in your home, take a look at our gas leak advice.

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