Tumble Dryers

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Gas vented tumble dryers

At Accredited Heating, we are able to provide installation on your Gas vented tumble dryers. Gas vented tumble dryers use gas as their heat source to dry the laundry and has a high performance. As with electric vented tumble dryers, damp air is vented away through a hose.

If you are having trouble thinking about whether or not you should install one then consider this: Gas dryers are an energy-saving alternative to traditional electric machines. On average, a standard electric condenser or vented dryer will add around £100 to your annual energy bills. Whereas a gas dryer uses almost no electricity and will provide you with savings of up to £40 a year.

The installation charge will vary according to how much work it requires to safely run gas to where you want the dryer.

If you do decide on getting a Tumble dryer we are here to help! So lets give you some advice, all GasSafe engineers are required to carry ID cards, and on the back of the card there is a list of all the classes of appliance they are qualified to work on.
Now, any self-worth engineer with tumble dryers listed would be able to give authoritative advice. However there have been cases where the GasSafe engineer consulted was not qualified to advise, and should have said so. If he had had the tunble dryer qualification he would have been able to give you chapter and verse on the ventilation requirements.

Having said all that, my gas book says that tumble dryers are classed as a flueless appliance and the room in which it is installed need only have a openable window (or equivalent, eg door) to outside. Reference must also be made to BS 7624. Tumble dryers installed in a room with a volume of 10 cubic metres or less require purpose provided fixed ventilation of 100 square centimetres in cross-sectional area. The installer will also need to conduct flue spillage tests while the tumble dryer is running on any other gas appliances installed. All this will be detailed in the installation instructions, which are in the public domain. The manufacturer is required under the gas registration to supply a copy on request. Ring them and ask for a copy!

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