Underfloor Heating

If you are looking for an underfloor heating installer, we here at Accredited Heating can provide you with top quality underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a fantastic concept for heating your home. This makes homes more comfortable and neater as you have no radiators and can control the heat with efficient thermostat controls. Underfloor heating is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms with cold tiles as these are heated to your ideal temperature, all rooms have their own individual temperature controls so you can adjust each room to the individual temperature you require.

Underfloor heating is popular in certain new builds and for places like conservatories - no radiators hanging on the walls taking up space! This type of space heating is ideally suited for screeded floors because of its heat retension and conduction qualities.

A ‘heat pump’, which gives slightly lower flow temperatures than a gas or oil boiler, will complement the lower working temperatures required by underfloor heating. Thick carpets and felt underlay should be avoided as floor coverings. In the correct environment and with planning, some buildings will be a perfect match for this type of heating.

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Repairs, servicing and installation available on a wide range of domestic appliances including cookers, gas fires and gas tumble dryers. Fully qualified to issue Gas Safety Certificates to landlords. Full bathroom/en-suite/WC/wet room installations (including under floor heating) also undertaken.

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