Oil Heating

An oil boiler can efficiently heat your household when the boiler is in good working order. However as time passes by your oil boiler will slowly degrade and start to lose its efficiency level causing the fuel consumption to increase and this will increase you annual heating bill. It is advisable for your oil boiler to have a yearly service, to ensure that no hazards to health arise from combustion products such as odourless and toxic carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Small doses can cause drowsiness, headaches and nausea, whereas large doses can be fatal.

Now by law this service should be carried out by an OFTEC registered engineer by choosing an OFTEC engineer you are guaranteed to have an engineer that has been trained with oil boilers and even Aga style oil ranges. Our OFTEC engineers know how to detect possible defects before they lead to greater problems and thus prevent any chance of putting your life and families lives at risk. Your oil boiler requires a complete strip down and cleans out. We will replace any worn and broken parts once we have discussed this with you, and then we can re build as new. We will then start your boiler and calibrate against factory requirements and check all the flue gasses, record all the details and fill out report. Every service will include a survey of the oil tank and check fuel lines and clean and replace fuel filters.

Annual boiler services are strongly recommended.

The price of an oil boiler service is £90 which includes a replacement nozzle and full OFTEC documentation.  Any additional materials recommended (such as a new flexible hose or valve) will be discussed prior to fitting.

Key elements of an annual boiler service include:

  • disassembling and cleaning the heat exchanger(s) to remove deposits and optimise heat transfer
  • removing the jet burner and replacing the atomising nozzle, cleaning the pump filter, cleaning the air intake and ensuring that the oil supply line is in good condition (incl. fire valve testing)
  • firing the cleaned unit and adjusting the combustion in accordance with manufacturer guidelines
  • undertaking a risk assessment of the oil tank and providing OFTEC service documentation

A New Oil Boiler?

Firebird Boilers is one of Great Britain's and Ireland's leading manufacturer of quality high efficient oil fired boilers. The company has built its reputation over many years for reliability and excellent levels of after sales service. The Firebird group of companies is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations through its attention to design, employment of state of the art technology, 180 highly skilled staff members and its continuous quality improvement programme.

We offer the full range of Firebird Oil boilers. All Firebird Boilers have a 2 year comprehensive warranty which extends to 5 years on the boiler shell. 
We are a quality assured manufacturer to ISO 9002 and an approved OFTEC member.

The Firebird Enviromax Blue Supreme boilers are now available in 20 & 26kW outputs utilising ‘blue flame’ technology.  Traditional oil boilers fire yellow flames which exceed the 2018 targets for NOX emissions – the Blue Supreme uses established German technology to create cleaner, soot free combustion and deliver market leading efficiencies.

The firebird range includes both domestic boilers for small and large households as well as boiler house models for commercial or industrial applications